Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Momentary Disconnection

The wifi can't connect and it seems that I am for a moment lost.

What is it that we did before this age of continual connection?

How is it that I, I who claim to be so free of the addiction of my phone, feel the loss of the connection so acutely?

How is it that I allowed myself to be drawn in by this brightly lit screen?

It seems that all this small inanimate object has promised I have believed so unquestioningly, giving it my time and attention.

Why is it that I never wonder who owns who?

And why is it that we spend so much more of our day mindlessly scrolling rather than seeing what is around us?

I blame my lack of creativity and spirit on my job, my tiredness, my days that are too busy, when I'm beginning to wonder if it is something much smaller than that.

Something perhaps more undetectable, unseen even if we spend most of our time staring at it.

Perhaps it's not those outside stressors that eat away at my motivation, my drive for success, my zest for life.

Perhaps it's this phone, the one that isn't connected.

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