Monday, 22 August 2016

Get To Know Me, 4 Things

I was tagged for this post by Nicole from The Artyologist. I haven’t done this type of thing before, and thought it would be a fun change! So without further ado…
  • Four places I have lived
I have lived in Alberta, Canada my entire life. I lived around the area of Calgary for many years (11 years to be exact, first in Crossfield, then Airdrie, then outside of Crossfield on an acreage), Grande Prairie (in town, and then on another acreage) and now live a couple hours outside of Edmonton(once again on an acreage! It’s the thing we do). I like to say that my family is doing a tour of Alberta…heehee.
  • Four places I have visited
I have visited the Yukon many times, although not in recent years. When I was little we did camping trips there every year. I have been on vacation to Vancouver Island, when my family rented a house by the beach. (It was lovely!) Last year my family went to Stow-On-The-Wold, England for a vacation. My, it really is beautiful there! And last but not least, I went to Lesvos, Greece this last January for a mission's trip. Most of my traveling has been within Alberta and I love road trips, but I really do have a fondness for home.

  • Four TV shows I have watched
I don’t have TV, but I have watched some shows after they came out on DVD. I love Foyle’s War, Get Smart (the original 60’s one), Jeeves and Wooster, and Columbo. I’m more of a movie person, but that could be because most of my growing years we didn’t have TV.
  • Four of my favourite foods
Oh goodness! This is going to be hard. I am such a foodie, and most of my memories are connected to food. (How lame can I get? Haha) I enjoy a good steak, stuffed pasta (hello, ravioli and tortellini!), chocolate pudding cake, and Chinese food. Hmm, there seems to be no vegetables on this list…but I honestly do love my veggies! Oh dear, I may have to rethink my priorities of healthy eating…
  • Four things I like to drink
Coffee, coffee, coffee. Haha, not actually. I do love my coffee though. I like Orange Pekoe tea, Chai tea (honestly, why do we call it Chai tea? We are literally saying, “Tea tea”) and pop. (I know, so bad) I noticed while typing this out that I like caffeine, and nothing on the list is hydrating. Whoops!
  • Four of my pet peeves

Repetitive noises (but only certain ones, like people tapping), people looking at their phones while I’m talking to them. (Am I really that boring?)  When people don’t take deadlines seriously (They’re there for a reason…). People thinking they know me and what I like/dislike, act like they know what is best for me, and generally just think they know me a lot better than they do. So, that is pretty much saying: Don't put me in a box. 
  • Four wacky or odd things about me.
I love, love, love birds. So much, in fact, that I trained the Chickadees to come and eat seed out of my hand. I know a lot of bird songs and am pretty good at knowing what type of bird is singing without seeing it(I seriously thought about becoming an Ornithologist, but found out there isn’t a real career in that). I put makeup on and then take it off just because. Not the taking it off part, I just adore makeup and experimenting (I’ve also seriously thought about becoming a Makeup Artist). I absolutely love taking walks in the rain and getting soaked. There is something so peaceful about it. No raincoat or anything. The other strange part of that is I’m afraid of thunderstorms at night. Like ‘em during the day, but once it’s time to be sleeping, yikes!

So now you know a little more about me! I discovered a few new things about myself as well, such as the fact that I apparently have an aversion to healthy eating and beverages. I may have to look a little deeper into my lifestyle choices, haha. I also found a few new things to work on.
This was a lot of fun! Nice to have a change from the deeper stuff I’ve been posting lately. Let me know a little about yourself in the comments, I would love to get to know you better!


  1. Haha- no healthy foods on the list :) This was fun- I'm glad you took part!
    The Artyologist

  2. Too true! Thanks for tagging me.