Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Inner Garden

I have an inner garden. Throughout the day I wander through it, tending the plants I grow. First I open the small metal gate and walk along the well groomed path.

There is a large plant near the center, with a hardy resistance and showy blooms. This is my Pride, it grows unchecked and it tries to smother the small flowers of Compassion that grow beneath it. My Pride tries its hardest to prevent the flowers of Compassion from growing tall. They live forever in the shade, struggling to be seen. 

Farther on is my Trust. This bush was supposed to be a tree. Its branches have been broken just as they began to grow, so now it is a small bush. Protective thorns have created a virtual wall around it, ready to defend against any who may reach out to touch its beautiful blossoms. Few have been able to breach that wall. 

Continuing on you can see the climbing vine of Love. This plant survives through hard times of drought and cold alike. It sends out its new shoots and covers any ugliness it touches. This sweet plant is strong, and is rarely affected by others, but continues to grow. Sometimes it is hurt, and shrinks back a little before tentatively reaching out with new delicate fronds.

Next in line is Hope. This is a bright plant with large leaves and fragrant blooms. It is very hardy, and can survive the harshest of climates. 

In the shade grows Fear. This is a plant that grows close to the ground and is very large but not very noticeable. It grows constantly and thrives in harsh climates. This plant is a horrible weed, but is very resistant and almost impossible to be rid of once it has been introduced to an area. Little else is able to live by it.

Also living in the darkness is Anger. It is not very large, but its presence is easily felt. This plant does not show itself very often, but every once in a while it springs into blossom.
Back out in the sunshine is Joy and Happiness. These plants are very similar, but do not get them confused as the same thing. Happiness only has a short bloom time, and the pretty flowers fade quickly. Joy, on the other hand, has less showy flowers, but its blooms last much longer and the fragrance lingers.

Then I am once again at the gate, ready to leave until next time.

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