Friday, 13 November 2015

Deeper Still

As I go deeper into the ladies Bible study I am a part of, and learn God’s divine design for women, oh how my heart aches. How great my shortcomings. God is so good, and I am so, so wrong. He reveals my shortcomings, my sin, and the walls I have built between us. How painful the consequences for sin are. How hard to admit that we were wrong, to tell God that he was right and we disobeyed. He knows already the sins we have committed; He knows where we have fallen short. Yet He waits for us to come back to Him, waits for us to humble ourselves and admit our sin. How it hurts! We like to pass the buck, excuse ourselves and spread the blame, justify our actions and lessen the failure. But God knows our failures, oh how He knows. His love, though, never fails. He is always there with open arms, ready to comfort us as we ask for forgiveness. It is so hard to go back up the slope we slipped down, to retrace our steps and face our weaknesses, but God is there. He is ready to catch us when we fall and guide our steps. Each painful step back up the slippery slope He is there to give us sure footing. He is ready to wipe our tears and give us the strength to continue on. It isn’t easy, but the growth experienced and the lessons learned are so valuable. We become closer to our heavenly Father. We learn to trust Him more, and to lean on Him. His grace is endless, and His love boundless. When you are weary, rest in Him.

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